Actorcast is the podcast that broadcasts the work, advice, and insight of actors, writers, directors, producers, and other industry experts in show business. From Q&As, to interviews and showcases, Actorcast is the go-to resource for beginners and pros alike, who are looking to carve their path in the entertainment industry by learning from those who've made their mark from Hollywood to Broadway.

Recent Episodes

Stewart F. Lane: Six-Time Tony-Winning Producer | Episode 038

Sept. 14, 2021

Stewart F. Lane has such a deep passion for New York City, theater, and Broadway. I always enjoy our conversations as his energy is contagious as he speaks about his work. In this episode, we discuss how he became a theater …

Developing Your Acting Technique | Episode 037

Aug. 31, 2021

In this short episode of Actorcast, we discuss how you can go about developing your acting technique. When starting out in the industry, it can be difficult to choose among the hundreds of classes to take. It can be difficul…

Michael Raimondi: Arts Financial Planner | Episode 036

Aug. 24, 2021

Michael and I first had the opportunity to connect via LinkedIn. After a career as an actor, director, and running his own theatre company, Michael stepped into the world of finance to help artists in their financial plannin…

Don't Rely On Your Acting to Pay Your Bills | Episode 035

Aug. 17, 2021

The starving artist mentality has become very romanticized over the years, but it does not serve anyone, especially the artist. We must not place the burden of earning money on our creativity. In this episode of Actorcast, w…

Networking as an Actor | Episode 034

Aug. 10, 2021

Networking in the entertainment is just as important, if not more important, then in other industries. They key is knowing how to network effectively. In this episode, we discuss different ways that actors can network, the a…

Devin Shacket: Acting and Audition Coach | Episode 033

Aug. 3, 2021

Devin is an incredible acting and audition coach based in New York. I had the opportunity to take one of her classes and was blown away by her knowledge and useful and practical advice for actors. In this episode, Devin talk…