Feb. 2, 2021

07. Martín Acuña: Colombian Actor and Communications Professional | SHOWCASE

07. Martín Acuña: Colombian Actor and Communications Professional | SHOWCASE

Martín and I got contacted via LinkedIn.  Through his various posts and words of encouragement, I was amazed at how this artist was using LinkedIn to connect with people and develop a following. In this episode of Actorcast, Martín shares his insights on how to use social media effectively to connect with people and build meaningful relationships. In addition, we discussion his podcast "Backstage Talk" (which I definitely recommend!) and the reason behind why he created this platform.

Martín Acuña is a communications professional and performing artist based in Bogotá, Colombia, whose passion is to help people feel emotions beyond their skin through stories in film and theatre. He finds in Musical Theatre a field of exploration and creation that allows him to integrate his interests as a performer and writer. Organizing the actions that reveal their conflicts, moments of crisis and the decisions taken to solve them, he shows the humanity of characters stating a parallel between fiction and his reality. Applying this to Social Media, his favorite networking tool, Martín has learned how to create valuable content that establishes an emotional connection with the audience. Networking and knowing the journey people have been through inspires him to create and share their story. Martín is also the host of Backstage Talk in which he shares his thoughts about the arts and invites entertainment industry folks as guests to share their journey. 

You can find Martín on Instagram @themartinacuna and LinkedIn at Martín Acuña | LinkedIn.

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