Actorcast is the podcast that broadcasts the work, advice, and insight of actors, writers, directors, producers, and other industry experts in show business. From Q&As, to interviews and showcases, Actorcast is the go-to resource for beginners and pros alike, who are looking to carve their path in the entertainment industry by learning from those who've made their mark from Hollywood to Broadway.


Margaret Sclafani and Zach Singer: Film Directors | Episode 032

July 27, 2021

I had the opportunity to work with both Margaret and Zach on a short film in early 2020 and was inspired by their work as filmmakers. In this episode, we discuss why they decided to pursue a career in cinematography, why film is an effective medium to tell stories, and some of the challenges that c…

Mimi Intagliata: Director of Production Operations at Disney Theatrical Group | Episode 031

July 20, 2021

Mimi Intagliata has a 30 year career working in production and stage management, most recently as Director of Production Operations at Disney Theatrical Group. In this episode of Actorcast, she provides us with a wealth of knowledge and a behind-the-scenes look into how shows are made. We discuss h…

Dealing With Rejection | Episode 030

July 13, 2021

As we all know, we face a lot of rejection in our acting careers. It's important to develop a process for yourself in dealing with this rejection. In this episode of Actorcast, we discuss the various things to keep in mind as you are hitting the pavement for auditions and why we mustn't get too att…

Ran Xia: Interdisciplinary Theatre Artist | Episode 029

July 6, 2021

Ran Xia is a jack of all trades in the theatre industry, and it has certainly proven to be beneficial. Ran has worked as a playwright, director, sound designer, photographer, and graphic designer. In this episode of Actorcast, we discuss how wearing multiple hats can help you create work in the in…

Writing as an Actor | Episode 028

June 29, 2021

While it's great to have focus and clarity in our acting careers, it's also important to champion ourselves by creating our own work. In this episode of Actorcast, we talk about writing as an actor and how actors can utilize the power in writing to create performing opportunities for themselves. As…

Tracey Knight Narang: Tony-winning Producer & Playwright | Episode 027

June 22, 2021

Tracey Knight Narang is the beam of light this industry needs. She is a Tony-winning producer and playwright I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her about her career and perspective as a creative professional. In this episode, we discuss how Tracey became a producer, common misconceptions about the j…