May 4, 2021

Adam Weissman: Entertainment & Media Lawyer | Episode 020

Adam Weissman: Entertainment & Media Lawyer | Episode 020

I first got acquainted with Adam Weissman through a mutual contact at The Actors Fund and after connecting I definitely wanted to have him on the show. Legalities, rights, and regulations aren't often at the top of actors' minds when performing in projects, but it's important for us to have a foundational knowledge in these concepts. In this episode, Adam and I discuss common legalities actors should know about, what we should and shouldn't post on social media, and common pitfalls actors fall into regarding legal issues.

Adam is a NY-based lawyer that represents artists, creators, and production companies in the media and entertainment world. Adam's practice combines his love of the arts and performance, fascination with the changing landscape at the intersection of law and digital media, and insight gained from his past as an associate at a litigation firm, fighting for his clients in court and resolving complex disputes. Outside of law, Adam is a musician and performer with a passion for the Blues, R&B, and Rock, and dabbles in documentary film-making. 

You can learn more about Adam and his law practice at

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