Oct. 19, 2021

Anita Hollander: Actress, Singer, Director | Episode 040

Anita Hollander: Actress, Singer, Director | Episode 040

In the season 1 finale of Actorcast, we talk with actress, singer, director, producer, writer, and teacher, Anita Hollander. Anita has such a powerful passion for the arts that would inspire any fellow creative pursuer. We discuss how performing is wired in her DNA, the challenges and hurdles Anita overcame as an actress with a disability, and the lasting change that she has been able to create within the entertainment industry.

Anita Hollander has written & performed work throughout Europe, Asia, Russia and America, in film, TV, and live theatre. Her award-winning original solo musicals Still Standing & Spectacular Falls have played Off-Broadway, at the Kennedy Center, White House, nationally & internationally. She serves as SAG-AFTRA National Chair of Performers with Disabilities.

To learn more about Anita, and her upcoming show, please visit http://www.anitahollander.com/index.htm and https://tbtb.org

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