April 5, 2022

Eric Neal: Founder, Third Act | Episode 041

Eric Neal: Founder, Third Act | Episode 041

Eric Neal is at the forefront of the evolving theatre industry and I was so excited to have him on our show for the first episode of our second season of Actorcast. He was an incredible guest with a deep passion for helping the theatre industry during a difficult time. We had a great conversation chatting about:

- What is an NFT

- How emerging technologies can help the theatre industry

- How Third Act is paving the way for new, financial opportunities in theatre

You won't want to miss this conversation! Be sure to check out https://thirdact.digital and @_thirdact to stay up-to-date on all of the exciting happenings.

Eric Neal is a Tony-nominated producer and founder of Third Act: theatre's first NFT marketplace. Third Act formed in response to the disruption of the theatre and help the industry come back stronger than ever. Third Act helps fans own their favorite theatre moments through digital collectibles while helping shows recoup.

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