Aug. 24, 2021

Michael Raimondi: Arts Financial Planner | Episode 036

Michael Raimondi: Arts Financial Planner | Episode 036

Michael and I first had the opportunity to connect via LinkedIn. After a career as an actor, director, and running his own theatre company, Michael stepped into the world of finance to help artists in their financial planning. In this episode, we discuss how actors can stay on top of their finances and why this is an important skillset to develop when growing one's creative career.

Michael Raimondi originally hails from Southern California, having made New York City home after earning his master’s from The New School. Following an exciting career directing and acting in theatre and film, Michael grew as a business professional in the field of supplemental education. His passion for social justice then led him to establish Play Your* Part, a nimble arts nonprofit. Whether in the arts, education, or the nonprofit sector Michael's mission has always been to help people. Now, as a licensed financial professional, he seeks to help folks in the arts, and those who are 'arts adjacent', increase their financial literacy by demystifying the world of investments and insurance.   

You can learn more about Michael and his work by visiting and

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