June 8, 2021

Sharon Fallon: Theatre Producer & General Manager | Episode 025

Sharon Fallon: Theatre Producer & General Manager | Episode 025

One could tell that Sharon is incredibly passionate about her work as a theatre producer and general manager. She has been helping producers and artists bring their shows to life in theaters across the country for several years now. In this episode of Actorcast, we chat about how Sharon got into the theatre producing industry, what the role of a producer actually entails, what it's like to develop a show, and how to find the perfect balance between artistry and finances.

Sharon Fallon, (Sharon Fallon Productions) is an independent Theatre Producer, General Manager, and Theatrical Consultant. She brings a unique perspective to her work, having worked in both the commercial and non-profit theatre industry for over 20 years.  In 2015 she created a boutique theatrical production/general management company with a mission to bridge the gap between art and business, allowing productions to be financially viable and artistically satisfying, and successful. Taking a holistic approach – from page to stage and everything in between, she specializes in one-on-one work with early-career producers and artist-driven niche projects (showcases, readings, early development workshops, etc.)  as well as larger (big budget) union and non-union projects. In addition to producing commercially, Sharon served as the Associate General Manager of both the Helen Hayes Theatre and Lyric Theatre in New York. She is currently the Executive Producer of MotherFreakingHood and has a number of new works that are in development.  Broadway credits include Indecent, Beautiful (Broadway, London & National Tour), Matilda The Musical, and Lysistrata Jones. Sharon is a member of the NAMT, the National Association of Musical Theatres, and serves on the New Work Festival Committee.

To learn more about Sharon, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharon-fallon/

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